IELTS online test volume 1


Practice Test 1

Total Marks20

IELTS Academic Writing

Total Questions : 2


You have 60 minutes to attempt the following two sections. The second section contains twice as much as marks the first section contains.

Observe the given topic then start writing test.

The above picture represents the top 10 causes of death in 2011. Describe the above picture in writing in not less than 150 words.

Sample Answer:

The given pie-chart gives a bird view of the top 10 causes of death in 2011. According to the statistics, it is evident that most of the deaths in the year 2011 were caused by conditions including heart disease, stroke, lung infections, lung obstructions, diarrhea, HIV, and  more. A quick overview of the pie-chart clearly indicates that diarrhea has been the biggest culprit taking the most number of lives in 2011.

Developed countries all over the globe are generally affected by diseases such as heart ailments, lung infection, and cancers. It is however shocking to note that a condition that is as simple as diarrhea could end up becoming the most deadly disease. According to my understanding, poor sanitation must be the reason why diarrhea is rampant; moreover, in poor and developing countries, sanitation and cleanliness is a challenge, which is evident as diarrhea takes the top place in the causes of death in 2011.

To sum it up, it can be said that diarrhea, heart disease, stroke, and lung infections are on the higher end of the spectrum by causing the most number of deaths, whereas diabetics, premature birth, and lung cancer are on the lower end of the spectrum causing the least number of deaths among the given 10 causes of death in 2011.


Task Achievement: The response has met with the word-limit rule of 150.
Coherence and Cohesion: The answer has addressed the statistics and has presented a major inference based on the trends. In the end, the statistics are also summed up, making it a clear, concise and a coherent response.
Lexical Resource: Decent vocabulary and appropriate usage of words according to the context.
Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Tight sentence construction, appropriately punctuated, formal tone, and decent paragraph length.

Write in 250 words about the following:

“With the development of the media online, there is no future for the radio.”
To what extent do you agree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:

The development of media on the internet has been a major paradigm shift in the entertainment and media industry. From a point of time where movie theatres and television boxes were the major source of movies, series, and news to a point where they can be easily obtained online, we have come a long way. Such rampant development of online media has created a major disruption to the means of entertainment of the past, out of which radio is one.


I completely agree that ever-increasing online development of media will soon make radio obsolete; as a matter of fact, in the age of Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video, several TV channel subscriptions are slowly becoming irrelevant. I myself don’t own a TV channel subscription. I watch series, movies, and news from my smart TV that can play YouTube, Netflix, Primevideo, and many more streaming services. To be honest, I think there is absolutely no future for the radio; however, it is more of a silent change than a sad farewell. Every popular medium of the past is now being replaced with a more technologically relevant and easy-to-use alternative. For instance, modern-day podcast shows and music streaming applications have emerged as a successful alternative of the radio.


With growing time and advancements in science and technology, we will simply find better, modern, more reliable, and comfortable solutions at our disposal. In this process, it is inevitable that we may have to let go of the ways of our past, no matter how nostalgic or dear they may be to us, which brings us to the fact that development of media online might make the radio extinct in the near future.

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