IELTS online test volume 1


Practice Test 10

Total Marks20

IELTS Academic Writing Test

Total Questions : 2

Read the instructions carefully then start writing.


You have 60 minutes to attempt the following two sections. The second section contains twice as much as marks the first section contains.


The given line graph is a pictorial representation of the worldwide smartphone sales from 2007 to 2018. The sales are expressed in terms of quarters with the timeline being plotted on the x-axis and the percentage of sales on the y-axis. Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Symbian are the five smartphone brands that have been mentioned explicitly in the graph. Apart from the aforementioned brands, a few more miscellaneous brands are also mentioned in the graph under the label ‘Others.’ 

A brief overview of the graph reveals that the majority of the sales belonged to the Android smartphones with Apple and Symbian smartphones taking the second and third positions. While Windows and Blackberry have performed fairly well in the initial quarters of 2007, they have failed to perform later and ended up losing sales altogether. It is worth noting that Symbian mobiles too saw a massive start in 2007 but ended up losing most of the sales share by the end of 2013. To summarize, it can be said that both iOS and Android have performed consistently over time when compared to the other brands listed in the line graph.


Task Achievement: The response has met with the word-limit rule of 150.

Coherence and Cohesion: The answer has addressed the statistics and has presented a major inference based on the trends. In the end, the statistics are also summed up, making it a clear, concise and a coherent response.

Lexical Resource: Decent vocabulary and appropriate usage of words according to the context.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Tight sentence construction, appropriately punctuated, formal tone, and decent paragraph length.

Write in 250 words about the following:

Some people say that ebooks are soon going to drive print books to extinction. On the other hand, some people refuse to believe so and argue that print books are going nowhere.

What do you think?


According to my opinion, I do believe that ebooks are soon going to take the lion’s share of the book-market. Compared to print and physical books, ebooks tend to provide a plethora of advantages, due to which I am under the opinion that they may soon be the most popular choice for reading. However, many voracious book readers have varying opinions and might be more inclined towards one format over the other.

Coming to printed books, comfort as well as familiarity with holding and reading from printed physical books has been one of the strongest reasons why they are still prevalent and relevant in our modern-day world. While physical books may be comfortable to hold and satisfying to read, they tend to consume a huge amount of natural resources such as trees in the production of paper. With climate change and global warming being the imminent threats to humankind, it is wiser to adapt to more climate-friendly practices and to try preferring digital ebooks over print books. Keeping the environmental factors and physical touch factor of a book aside, we should also look into the comfort of marginalia and the ability to make notes easily. Though ebooks have a more matured and better capabilities of note-taking, it is still highly cumbersome to make notes on-the-go on ebooks when compared to books.

If we move on to ebooks, it is readily apparent that they are entirely digital and require no papers, making them an environmentally viable solution. Unlike print books, ebooks can be carried anywhere. Back in the decade when people travelled, there were very few ebooks around and were consequently forced to carry several books at once and forgetting any single book in such a case translated to losing the prospectus of reading that book altogether. But in the case of ebooks, it is easier to both store and carry a huge number of books; with ebooks taking extremely less space in the device memory, it becomes all the more easy to store a large collection of books on laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

Increased accessibility to reading, environmental viability, sustainability, and hasslefree nature of ebooks is going to potentially increase their prominence in the realm of book reading.


Task Completion: The text successfully meets the minimum word-count criteria and clearly answers the question by stating the beliefs of the writer as asked in the question.
Coherence and Cohesion: A clear introduction, body, and conclusion laced with a reasonable argument supporting the writer’s beliefs.
Lexical Resource: Good vocabulary and effective usage of connectives.
Grammar Range & Accuracy: No grammar mistakes, well-punctuated, formal tone, and well-structured writing.

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