IELTS online test volume 1


Practice Test 7

Total Marks20

IELTS General Training Writing

Total Questions : 2


You have 60 minutes to attempt the following two sections. The second section contains twice as much as marks the first section contains.


Read the given topic carefully then start writing.

You are traveling abroad on a long vacation and your neighbours have agreed to look after your pet while you are away. Write a letter to your neighbour

In this letter:

  • Provide your contact details
  • Provide instructions on how to care for your pet
  • List out any other help or needs to be addressed

Write at least 150 words. You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ………………….,



Dear Dave,

Thank you for accepting to look after my dog Rocky and my house while I’m gone. After a year-long stint at my old job, I have completely exhausted myself and as a result, decided to reward myself with a one-month long backpacking trip across New Zealand. I must be back by the end of November.

Coming to the contact details, you can always write to me at abc@gmail.com. I am not very sure about cell reception as I am extensively hiking across a plethora of national parks. I will check my emails every single day, so you can simply write to me. Now moving on to Rocky, he’s a simple dog. Doesn’t need much maintenance; all you have to do is feed him twice a day, take him out for a stroll in the evening. I have purchased enough dog food to last for two months; it is stacked in the right kitchen cabinet.

Also, if you can, please water my plants in the kitchen. I tend to grow a few leafy vegetables and tomatoes. They’re fresh and full of goodness, please help yourself and pluck them for your use. Thank you.

Yours lovingly,

Task Achievement: The response is in a letter format including “Dear” at the beginning and an appropriate “Yours lovingly” in the end. The letter meets the word-limit rule as well. The first paragraph provides an apt introduction with the second and third paragraphs answering all the aspects addressed in the question.
Coherence and Cohesion: There are three paragraphs that include an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Each paragraph serves a specific purpose.
Lexical Resource: A wide range of vocabulary with no errors. There are a few instances of less-commonly used vocabulary as well.
Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Accurately punctuated and no grammatical errors whatsoever.

Read the given topic carefully then start writing.

Several parents all across the globe are now more open to homeschooling their children. What do you think about homeschooling?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling while comparing it against traditional schooling. Provide reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

Homeschooling is an age-old system that was commonly employed when children were either socially inept due to mental or physical illnesses. What was once an exception is now slowly becoming a trend and a mainstream choice of education. Every coin has two sides; similarly, homeschooling too, presents a set of advantages and disadvantages to be wary of.

In my opinion, homeschooling can be a huge advantage considering the rampant digitalization across all walks of life. In the past, homeschooling a child deprived him or her of social interaction and the resulting sense of competition as well as social harmony. But now, with the rise of the internet, children can be homeschooled without suffering the adverse consequences of isolation. Because in the age of the internet, anyone with a gadget such as a smartphone, tab, or a laptop is no longer isolated from the outside world. Moreover, the advent of massive open online courses (MOOCS) offered by several top universities makes homeschooling all the more exciting.

The advantages of homeschooling are better understood by comparing it with a traditional schooling system. As my high-school principal Mr. Bates said, a schooling system typically catered to the weakest and poor performing students in any given class. As the top-scorers and fast-learners took care of their studies, all the teaching resources needed to be expended on dull students, resulting in an overall neglect towards bright minds. Issues such as these are devoid whilst homeschooling. As the pace of homeschooling is reliant on the individual performance of a single child, it helps them grow better without affecting their peers. Slow learners get more attention and fast learners get to learn and cover more syllabus. Finally, the only disadvantage homeschooling faces is the fact that children may potentially miss the camaraderie of a classroom and the whole dynamics of leading their childhood in a common environment with a set of equal-aged peers.

On the whole, I believe that the advantages of homeschooling outweigh the disadvantages by a landslide. To summarize, I believe homeschooling offers a better opportunity for kids to learn and educate themselves at a pace that is apt for them, eliminating the need to be in harmony with their peers.

Task Achievement: The response begins with a statement that states the author’s opinion on the subject matter. Followed by which we have a few more paragraphs exploring various aspects of the topic.
Coherence and Cohesion: There are four paragraphs here, with the first paragraph being the introduction while the second and third paragraphs are the body. The fourth and final paragraph is a conclusion that effectively summarizes the viewpoint of the writer.
Lexical Resource: A wide range of vocabulary with no errors. There are a few instances of less-commonly used vocabulary as well.
Grammatical Range and Accuracy: There are a wide range of grammatical structures that are used accurately. There are no errors and punctuation is accurate.

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