IELTS online test volume 1


Practice Test 5

Total Marks20

Total Questions :

Read the passage then start writing answers.

The given pictorial representation presents a bird’s eye view of the sea level rise calculated between the years 1880 till 2000. The graph is based on 23 annual tide gauge records, with both three year average and satellite altimetry expressed across the given timeline. While the timeline is expressed in the x-axis, the sea level change in terms of centimetres is found across the y-axis. Also, it can be observed that the interval is 20 years in the timeline and 5 cms in the sea level change respectively.


A simple overview of the graph clearly indicates that there has been an unparalleled increase in the sea level rise with growing time. For instance, we can notice negative and near zero sea level rise between 1880 to 1900. However, from 1920 till 2000, there has been an ever increasing rise of sea levels. The three year average provides a consistent and comprehensive rise of sea levels, according to which the rise in sea level has gone from nearly -2 centimetres in 1880 to nearly 20 centimetres in 2000. With increasing attention towards the ill effects of global warming, climate data such as this can be an accurate representation to enumerate the perils of a hotter earth, resulting in the melting of glaciers, and ultimately rising sea levels that cause devastating damage to several islands and other landforms.


Task Achievement: The response has met with the word-limit rule of 150.

Coherence and Cohesion: The answer has addressed the statistics and has presented a major inference based on the trends. In the end, the statistics are also summed up, making it a clear, concise and a coherent response.

Lexical Resource: Decent vocabulary and appropriate usage of words according to the context.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Tight sentence construction, appropriately punctuated, formal tone, and decent paragraph length.

Write in 250 words about the following:

“Marketing and promotion is the key to a successful business.”

Do you think it is true?


Marketing and promotion are two among the many different things that ensure business success. Any business can only be successful when it addresses and effectively solves an actual pain point for a customer. Without designing a useful, cost-effective, and a foolproof product or a service, any number of marketing and promotional campaigns will end up becoming futile. So in my opinion,  I don’t think marketing and promotion is the key to a successful business.

The success of a business lies in devising an innovative solution backed by prompt customer care, aftermarket service, marketing, and promotion. Business success can only be achieved when there is a culmination of efforts across several different fronts. For a long time now, several businesses were guided by the motto that great marketing and promotional campaigns lead to more sales and thereby, better profits. While this advice may be partially true, it is certainly outdated in the digital age of ours.

As we lacked digital resources in the past, promoting the services of a business was an expensive task, which could essentially determine the life or death of a business. But with the rampant, inexpensive, and free digital technologies of our times, businesses are sure to get reasonably good amount of exposure, meaning that promotion and marketing are no longer the only two factors that ensure a successful business. Our current era demands a well-conceived product or a service that directly solves the consumer problem, and as a result, makes the lives of people easier.

Task Completion: The text successfully meets the minimum word-count criteria and clearly answers the question by stating the beliefs of the writer as asked in the question.
Coherence and Cohesion: A clear introduction, body, and conclusion laced with a reasonable argument supporting the writer’s beliefs.
Lexical Resource: Good vocabulary and effective usage of connectives.
Grammar Range & Accuracy: No grammar mistakes, well-punctuated, formal tone, and well-structured writing.

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