IELTS online test volume 1


Practice Test 1

Total Marks30

IELTS Speaking Test

Total Questions : 3

This is the IELTS Speaking test.  I would like to ask you a few questions so that I can get to know you

Part 1

Read the given instructions and fallow the examples then  speak on it.

I’m _____________________________, let us begin your test. Please speak for 4-5 minutes.

Now in the first part of the test, I’m going to ask you some questions about your college education and study.


  1. What’s your name?
  2. What did you study?
  3. Why have you chosen this course?
  4. Is it a fairly popular course in your country?

Let us talk more about your college life and education.

5. Did you really like your course?

  1. How was your first day of college like?
  2. What’s your main area of focus within your coursework?
    8. If you had a chance to study something different, what would it be?

    1. My name is __________________.
    2. I have recently finished my bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering at the _______________ university.
    3. I have chosen computer science in particular because I consider myself a tech savvy individual from a very early age. My parents have been prolific users of the PCs ever since the 90s, allowing me to get acquainted with computers from ever since my childhood.
    4. Yes, engineering in general has been a popular course in my country. On top of it, computer science sees much greater student enrollment every year. Considering the lucrative job options and IT-focused economy, I think my course will be a popular line of study for a long time from now.
  3. Yes, my affinity for computers combined with the exciting coursework of my studies made me grow fond of my course. I really like it and thoroughly enjoy it.
    6. Nothing like I expected it to be. I imagined everyone to be serious, and I thought my professors would dive into coursework right from the start; but it was different. Everything was laid back and welcoming, I’m glad it went the way it did.
    7. I am particularly focused on machine learning and deep learning. As of now, these are the most studied, discussed, and researched areas in the realm of computer science. I’m someone who likes keeping him/herself abreast with the latest advancements in the industry. So yes, machine learning and deep learning are my main area of focus within my coursework.
    8. Nothing, I don’t think I would want to study anything else other than computer science. But to give you an answer, I think the field of bioinformatics is very interesting and innovative.

Part - 2

Read the given instructions and fallow the examples then  speak on it.

Now we move on to Part two of the speaking test. Have a look at this card and read it carefully. You have about one minute to think about your answer. Then approximately one to two minutes to talk to me about what’s on the slip. You can use a pen and paper to make some notes.

Describe a book that you love the most. You should say:
> What is the name of the book?
> What is the book about?
>What makes it so special to you?

Do you read a lot of books?


I have recently read a book called “Deep Work.” It was written by Cal Newport, a distinguished computer science professor. The book, as the title says, is all about deep work. It establishes reasons why deep work is important, how deep work is is becoming increasingly rare in our everyday lives, and how to inculcate this highly valuable and necessary habit. The author draws several examples from history, famous people, and himself to educate, exemplify, and inform about this wonderful habit of deep work. Coming to the definition of this term, here’s what the author means by deep work: the ability to work for an extended period of time without any internal or external distractions. According to Newport, such an undisturbed and focused period  can help people become exceptionally good at their field. He quotes and elaborates such deep work rituals and practices of several famous and prominent people from various walks of life. Now moving on, this book in particular is special and close to me because I have stumbled upon it at the right time in my life. I was deeply involved in a project that demanded a lot of work, attention, and time from my side. Despite all my efforts and dedication, I couldn’t somehow give my 100%. When I picked this book up and understood the advice and applied it, I could see a massive improvement in my contribution to the project, which in turn helped me score an A+ grade and brought me great recognition in my college. All of this, I think, would not have been possible without this book.

Oh! Yes. I do read a lot of books. I think you can call me a voracious reader.

Part 3

Read the given instructions and fallow the examples then  speak on it.

Speak on the topic for 3-4 minutes.

  1. What do you think is the best way to find new books to read?
  2. Do you think book-reading is an important habit?
  3. What makes a book worthy of your time?
  4. In the digital age of smartphones and personal computers, is book reading a relevant pastime?



  1.  In my opinion, there is no single, one-size-fits-all answer that can help someone find the next best book for them to read. However, there are a few tried and tested methods that can help someone pick a book they wouldn’t regret reading. First up, fellow readers, a bookworm friend or a voracious reader who shares similar interests can always help point in the right direction of what good books to read next. And second, online book recommendations. From social media sites to book recommendation sites such as GoodReads, the internet is a great place to find the next best book to read.
  2. Yes, I think book-reading is an extremely valuable skill that every body needs. It helps people discover new things, learn to concentrate and focus, and above all, gives them the experience of picking up something without a complete idea of what it holds and finally reading it to discover something new that expands the horizons of our knowledge. Also, more so than in the past, we now have a greater need for book reading; in a generation of increasingly distracted people, thanks to smartphones, we all need a habit that helps us practice focusing and concentrating on one thing without letting our mind wander across several different things at once.
  3. I am more fond of non-fiction than fiction; though I have got nothing against fiction, in my given time-frame and commitments, I think I can make better use of my time if I devote it to non-fiction reading alone. So answering your question, any non-fiction book that discusses something new in fields such as computers, psychology, personality development, finance, and astronomy is worth my time. While discovering and reading books from new and budding authors is a good practice, I take the slightly eccentric path and mostly avoid books from any writer that isn’t hugely recognised and acclaimed. I am all about maximising the time at hand; so reading something by someone who is proven to deliver good content is a better use of time in my case. So two things: one, it must be from an area of life that interests me; two, it must be written by a fairly popular or a well-established writer.
  4. Yes, definitely. As a matter of fact, it must become even more relevant now. I agree that Netflix, gaming, and other modes of entertainment are pretty good. I myself am an avid gamer and I also thoroughly follow several TV shows and movies. However, I don’t think movies can give you the same kind of pleasure that book reading does. The vice versa is also true. But in an age where people are more drawn towards movies, series, and games, I think the joy of picking up a well-written book and devouring it is a pastime not many discover.

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