IELTS online test volume 1


Practice Test 10

Total Marks30

IELTS Speaking Test

Total Questions : 3

This is the IELTS Speaking test. I would like to ask you a few questions so that I can get to know you.

Part 1

Read the instructions carefully then start speaking on it.

I’m _________________, let us begin your test. Please speak for 4-5 minutes.

Now in the first part of the test, I’m going to ask you some questions about ’art’. 

  1. Are you good at art?
  2. Who is your all-time favorite artist in any field of your interest?
  3. Have you ever monetized your art?
  4. Do you think it must be made mandatory to teach children art?

Let us talk more about art.

  1. What is the importance of art in one’s life?
  2. Do you think art is a well-paying profession?
  3. Have you ever met any artist in person?
  4. Would you like to consider becoming a full-time artist?


1. Yes, the art I am good at is painting. My parents are heavily inclined towards art, my father himself is a painter and my mother is a musician.

  1. Coming to painting, my all-time favourite artist or painter would be Dante. Apart from being an amazing painter, Dante was also known to be a poet, an illustrator and a translator as well. Dante was a part of the famous Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood which was a group of several British artists that shared a common set of beliefs with regards to art and the overall approach towards making art.
  2. When it comes to monetizing my art, I must say that I haven’t really got proficient in my artwork to make it worthy of monetization. But back in my school days, our art teacher encouraged us to make art and exhibited them during parent-teacher meets. During such exhibitions, a few parents used to buy our artwork as a token of encouragement.
  3. Yes, I do believe that it must be made mandatory to teach children art. In my opinion, art helps unlock a door of imagination in children and also introduces creativity to them. Skills and attributes such as imagination and creativity tend to serve well in our lives, making art an invaluable skill to be pursued by all.
  4. As I said earlier, art holds a great level of importance and relevance in our everyday lives. Art helps people look at things through various perspectives and also helps them sharpen their creativity. I have personally heard about many people who have found a sense of fulfilment and aim in their lives by pursuing art. All-in-all, art is something that provides a sense of purpose, aim, fulfilment, and creative pleasure in life.
  5. If the question is about whether art is well paying or not, I am forced to believe that art at large doesn’t compensate fairly well. Moreover, in such fields, the top level creators are paid exorbitant fees and remunerations whereas several low-key or relatively unpopular artists, regardless of their good work do not receive enough compensation. While being proficient at art is one thing, having the skills to monetize it better is another deciding factor that dictates whether art is a well-paying profession or not.
  6. Due to my parents’ love for their art forms such as painting and singing, I have had the good fortune of meeting several acclaimed artists such as Jatin Das and M. F. Husain. I must say that meeting these figures alone was an out-and-out surreal experience and one of my fondest memories till date.
  7. I may not be inclined towards pursuing art as a full-time profession. Though I may be decent at personal branding or marketing, I am not as proficient as a full-time artist must be. In my view, a full-time artist must be highly proficient in his art-form. As mediocre artists never get any exposure, it is wiser to pursue art full time if one can invest enough time and energy into improving oneself.


Part 2

Read the instructions carefully then start speaking on it.

Now we move on to Part Two of the speaking test. Have a look at this card and read it carefully. You have about one minute to think about your answer. Then approximately one or two minutes to talk to me about what’s on the slip. You can use a pen and paper to make some notes.

Describe a friend you dearly love.


You should say:

> who the friend is

> how you first met him

> what the person is like  

> and why you hold them close to your heart

Among all the people I am close to, XYZ is the friend I love the most. He is one of the most empathetic, friendly, and compassionate people I have ever known. I first met him through a mutual friend of ours. Both XYZ and I were attending the housewarming ceremony of the mutual friend I mentioned previously. As we stayed back to help our friend after the ceremony, we ended up spending a lot of time working together and running a few errands together. While all of this was happening, we fortunately found enough time to catch up and get acquainted with one another. Turns out that XYZ is also into road biking; so we both ended up deciding to ride our bikes together on a weekend few days away from the day we first met. We did ride our bikes together on a grueling ten-kilometre ride across a tough road and peddled our way through the ride by keeping ourselves occupied with conversations about a myriad of fun topics. XYZ and I kept meeting frequently over such rides in months to come, making us closer to one another. XYZ is a charismatic individual who is compassionate, helpful, friendly, and extremely kind. I learnt the value of kindliness and the importance of it from him. There have been many instances where he went out of his way to help people and steer them away from distress. There are many reasons why I hold XYZ close to heart. To be honest, XYZ has now become more like a brother than a friend now. The bond of brotherhood we share alongside his inspiring and supportive nature have helped me through tough times, making him extremely close to my heart.

Part 3

Speak on the topic for 3-4 minutes

  1. What is the relevance of the bond of friendship in your life?
  2. What are the qualities that most impress you amongst your friends?
  3. Are you still in touch with your childhood friends? Do you find difficulty in maintaining contact?
  4. How can someone go about making good friends in life at large?


  1. The relevance of the bond of friendship in my life is not as much as I think it normally is in other people’s lives. I am an introvert by nature and avoid overly socializing with people. I keep my circle limited and have a select few friends that I am extremely close to. Nevertheless, my reclusive nature has made family and my artwork or my work avocations as more relevant parts of my life when compared to friends.
  2. As I previously said, qualities that most impress me amongst my friends are that of XYZ’s: Compassion, kindness, and empathy. Also, honesty is a very huge factor for me and is also a make-or-break factor when it comes to forging a friendship with someone. So to summarize, I could say that honesty, compassion, kindness, and empathy are a few qualities that impress me the most and are also the qualities I look for in potential close friends.
  3. I must say that I am very poor at staying in touch with my childhood friends in particular. My father works in the banking sector due to which our family needed to relocate and shift from one city to the other. Consequently, I never grew close to friends during my childhood and also lost touch with many of them as we all grew older. However, I never really find difficulty in maintaining contact; it is just that I wasn’t really that connected to my school friends, eliminating the scope for even maintaining contact later in life. However, I have a single best-friend from schooling that I stay in touch with.
  4. Making good friends is an invaluable life skill in my opinion. Though our society doesn’t place much emphasis on the skills necessary to build lasting bonds with friends and acquaintances, I believe that learning the right social skills can help one make great friends in life. So the recipe to making great friends is finding an activity, hobby, or interest that is commonly shared by both you and your potential friend. By having a common and shared interest, it becomes easier to bond and get to know each other well. Moreover, we must actively assess if or whether our friendships are exerting a positive influence on our lives. As the famous adage goes, ‘We are the average of five people we spend the most time with’, so we must place much emphasis on choosing positive people as well.

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