IELTS online test volume 1


Practice Test 8

Total Marks30

IELTS Speaking Paper

Total Questions : 3

This is the IELTS Speaking test. I would like to ask you a few questions so that I can get to know you.

Part 1

Read the given instructions carefully then start speaking on it.

I’m _________________, let us begin your test. Please speak for 4-5 minutes.

Now in the first part of the test, I’m going to ask you some questions about ‘Shopping.’


  1. Do you like to go shopping?
  2. Where do you generally go shopping?
  3. Do you like shopping alone or do you accompany your friends or family?
  4. Do you shop online?


Let us talk more about shopping.

  1. How often do you go shopping in a year?
  2. What do you tend to buy the most?
  3. What is the best part about a shopping experience?
  4. Do you think shopping less and consuming less can help battle climate change?


1. I do like going shopping. Though I don’t shop often, I thoroughly enjoy myself during my select few trips to the malls. I am particularly fond of festive shopping; one can find a great deal of discounts and amazing deals everywhere.
2. Coming to my shopping habits and where I generally go shopping, I must say that I am not particular about any brands or outlets. I tend to shop wherever I feel like. It also mostly depends on the collections at a given store, discounts, and so on. I mostly prefer going to malls where one can find a myriad of brands and outlets. I visit a few outlets, look at the clothes, make a note of what I like, compare the quality and price, after which I make a final decision.

  1. I generally prefer shopping alone, but during festive seasons, I shop with my family and sometimes friends. Generally speaking, I’m most comfortable shopping alone; this way, I can take as much time as I want to and thoroughly explore all the outlets and options at hand before zeroing-in on any clothing item or accessory.
    4. I do shop online, but only sparingly. I am not really comfortable with the idea of purchasing clothing without trying them and figuring out if they fit me right. Personally, there have been many times where I bought a few clothes online and ended up returning the majority of them due to size and fitting problems.
  2. I may go shopping at least six times a year. My birthday, Dussehra, Diwali, and Christmas are when I go to shop without fail. Apart from these four times, I may visit the mall with my family if we have to shop for a function or an auspicious event.
  3. I tend to buy t-shirts the most. I do not like buying a lot of clothes; though I shop six or seven times a year, I end up buying two or three items of clothing each time I go shopping. I own a very limited number of pants and footwear that I keep rotating and using until they are fully worn. So to avoid looking repetitive, I simply buy as many t-shirts as I can and pair them up with my limited jeans and footwear.
    7. In my opinion, the best part about a shopping experience comes after you wear the things you buy for the first time. Wearing a shiny new pair of shoes, comfortable t-shirt, or a dazzling new pair of jeans is an absolute joy.
  4. I do believe that shopping less and consuming less can help control the detrimental effects of climate change. By over-consumption of resources, we end up making irreversible changes to our climate. Such damage can be controlled by measures such as mindful and limited consumption. So I must say that I do think shopping less and consuming less can help battle climate change.


Part 2

Now we move on to Part Two of the speaking test. Have a look at this card and read it carefully. You have about one minute to think about your answer. Then approximately one or two minutes to talk to me about what’s on the slip. You can use a pen and paper to make some notes.

Describe a profession that you believe is highly useful to the society.


You should say:

> what the profession is

> what it involves

> what are the educational qualifications necessary 

> and why do you think it is useful to the society 

If you had a chance, would you be willing to take up the profession you just described?



In my opinion, the profession of a research scientist is highly useful and beneficial to the society. The profession of a research scientist involves a plethora of responsibilities and tasks that include designing, undertaking, and analysing information via controlled lab examinations, experiments, and trails. Research scientists work in both public and private sectors; for instance, a research scientist in the public sector works for government laboratories, on the other hand, a research scientist in the private sector may work for specialist research organisations. In layman terms, a research scientist picks an intricate problem and performs controlled experiments to understand and study it. Let’s say there’s a research scientist working to cure cancer. He or she may have to perform a plethora of lab experiments, investigate several patients suffering from cancer and learn about various treatment methods to be able to conceive a better treatment option or cure for cancer. Most research scientists pursue an undergraduate and a graduate course in their chosen field, followed by which they pursue a Ph.D degree. Regardless of what stream it may be, a research scientist will help uncover interesting patterns and findings. Finally, research scientists not only uncover new things, but also validate both new and old practices, principles and processes to establish the most factually accurate ones, making them a highly invaluable part of the society. If I ever get a chance to become a research scientist, I will love to become one, but I am not sure if my current level of dedication, hard work, and intellect can even come close to that of an actual research scientist.

Part 3

Speak on the topic for 3-4 minutes

  1. What are the factors that you consider before declaring a profession ideal, noble, or respectful?
  2. Do you think it is necessary for people to consider the nobility of a profession before making a career choice?
  3. What is the most respected profession in your opinion?
  4. If you had to choose between fulfilling your dream and serving the society, what will you choose?


  1. Before declaring or even labelling a profession as ideal, noble or respectful, I will consider a few factors such as the level of impact it creates, the number of lives that it directly affects, and if or whether the pursual and practice of a profession harms the people, animals, and environment. A profession is truly respectable when it doesn’t harm anybody, helps improve the quality of living, and ultimately, it is something that is a fundamental part of our lives without which we may very well end up feeling crippled.
  2. I don’t think it is necessary for people to consider the nobility of a profession before making a career choice. Noble professions also happen to be the most demanding ones ever. Consider becoming a teacher or a doctor; in the former case, one may have to compromise on the pay and benefits, in the latter, one has to endure an excruciatingly long tenure of study. I am under the opinion that not everybody can pursue and excel in noble professions. But then, people must try to pursue a profession that is sustainable recession-proof in the long-run.
  3. The most respected profession in my life is that of a doctor. I deeply believe that the profession of a doctor is second to none and truly noble. Doctors have to spend the better part of their youth pursuing one of the world’s toughest undergraduate and graduate degrees, only to end up working long hours throughout their career. Both my parents are doctors, allowing me to gain a first-hand insight of what it is like to be a doctor. After understanding the hardships and struggles of doctors, I have ended up developing a deep sense of respect for the doctor profession.
  4. If it was a question of serving the society or fulfilling a dream, I must say that I may incline more towards fulfilling my dream. Based on my personal values and belief systems, I am confident that my dream goal or profession will definitely be sustainable, eco-friendly, and ultimately, benevolent. Therefore, I am confident that I can pursue my dream and still serve people owing to the fact that my career-choices and dreams might very well be aligned with the desire to develop mankind, promote progress, and serve people.

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