5K run for Harvey


Because you can help! As you are probably aware one of our best employees has found themselves in the hospital. Harvey Stinton suffered a broken leg last week while working on the buildings electrical system. As friends and coworkers of Harvey we would like you to join us in raising money for his physical therapy so that he can get back to us as soon as possible.


By running! We will use our legs to help Harvey get back on his. This Saturday we are holding a 5k run from which all the profits will go to helping with getting Harvey moving again. Physical therapy is expensive and unfortunately insurance will not cover therapy after Harvey leaves the hospital. 

Where and when?

The run will take place in the forest behind our office building this Saturday. Make sure to register first at the reception desk on the ground floor. The admission fee is $40. For this fee you will get a T-shirt with the company logo, a very sporty water bottle and certificate of participation. We start at 10 am. Refreshments and snacks will be provided after the race.

Strap on your running shoes and come out to help one of our own get back on his feet. The whole run will be streamed so that Harvey can watch it in the hospital and cheer us on. Hope to see you there.


Parent Teacher Meeting Agenda

This Tuesday the school is holding a parent-teacher meeting in all the classes. It is a good a idea to attend because the topics on the agenda are very important.

Here is what you will be discussing in your children’s classes.

  • New canteen guidelines: less salt, less sugar, less flavour? A survey about what can be improved in the way the food is prepared, how to make it more tasty but still healthy.
  • Back to the old uniforms? Many parents have asked for this topic to be brought up because apparently the new uniforms don’t provide the students with warmth. Please share your experiences.
  • Homework overload. A very concerned group of parents and students would like to discuss the effects of a lot of homework on their daily life. Bravo to the students for getting involved.
  • Family picnic. Every year we ask parents and students for ideas on how to make our traditional picnic even better. We want to know what you think.
  • New students. There are rumours that new students don’t feel welcome in our school. Let’s reach out and change that.

Section 1  Questions 1-10

Questions 1-8

Read the text and decide whether sentences 1-8are true/false/not given.


Harvey will not be able to watch the race   


There will be food and drinks at the run  


You must pay if you want to take part in the run  


Harvey asked the company for financial help   


Harvey is in hospital now  


Insurance will cover physical therapy after Harvey leaves the hospital.  


The aim of the run is to collect money.  


Harvey was involved in an accident with heavy machinery. 

Questions 9-12

Match the heading A-E in the announcement with topics 9-12 that relate to them.

Improving a tradition 9
New canteen guidelines
Better ingredients, new menu 10
Back to the old uniforms?
Improving relations between students 11
Homework overload
Too many hours spent over books 12
Family Picnic
New students

Question Palette

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